94 Smoked Frog Porter, Issaquah Brewhouse (WA). 8% ABV (1/09)
Black with reddish tan head. Slim Jim and baker’s chocolate aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dryish medium-full body with excellent smoothness and depth of flavor. Finishes with a long dried fruit, roasted nut and smoldering ember fade. Nicely balanced smokiness makes this a pleasure to drink; a must try beer for Cuban sandwiches or smoked gouda.

93 Black Butte XXII, Deschutes Brewery (OR). 11% ABV (9/10)
Brown black color. Aromas of coffee, cocoa, cherry syrup and molasses. Rich and thick with a fruity full body. Charred nut, brown sugar, tobacco and peppercorn notes rise on the penetrating finish. Dense and intense.

93 Black Butte XXI, Deschutes Brewery (OR). 11% ABV (1/10)
Dark brown color. Aromas of marinated jalapeno peppers and cacao shells follow through on a round, velvety entry to a fruity medium-full body with lots of milk chocolate, tropical fruit and flavored coffee notes. Finishes with a long, tangy chocolate-covered citrus peels and nuts and peppery spice fade. Interesting and fun; try with mole.

91 Smoked Porter, Stone Brewing Co. (CA). 5.9% ABV (1/11)
Reddish brown color. Smoky peat, baker’s cocoa and singed nut aromas with a round, finely carbonated dryish medium-to-full body and crisp, nicely astringent roasted root vegetable and grassy hop finish. A excellently balanced smoky and hop forward version of the style.

91 Samhain Pumpkin Porter, Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works (IL). 5.4% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Deep brown color. Rich and dimensional pumpkin pie aromas and gingerbread aromas are inviting with a crisp, frothy, dryish medium-to-full body and a spicy, toasted sunflower rye bread, roasted squash and burnt orange zest-accented finish. Intriguing and flavorful, with all the elements in check supporting the whole.

90 Black Butte XX, Deschutes Brewery (OR). 11% ABV (1/09)
Black brown color. Aromas of chocolate fudge sundaes (with nuts)
and frappaccinos follow through on a thick, chewy entry to a fruity full body with prune and raisin puree notes. Finishes with a long, syrupy roasted walnut and chocolate coffee fudge fade. A decadent, almost dessert beer-like treat to sip in small doses.

89 Meantime Chocolate Porter, Meantime Brewing Company (England). 6.5% ABV (1/11)
Rich deep brown color. Rich chocolate profiterole and fruity caramel aromas with a frothy, fruity medium-to-full body and a lingering chocolate peach, poached pear and mossy riverstone-accented finish. A pleasingly balanced and zesty consortium of chocolate, fruit and earth.

88 Vanilla Porter, Breckenridge Brewery (CO). 6.5% ABV (1/10)
Dark brown with a copper cast and lacy bone head. Aromas of vanilla latte and chocolate-covered peaches follow through on a round and rather crisp entry to a dryish medium body with dark toast and golden raisin compote notes. Finishes with a deft touch of vanilla nut fudge and honeyed citrus-like hops. A zesty, balanced and easy drinking, lightly flavored porter.

88 Pipeline Coffee Porter, Kona Brewing Co. (HI). 5.2% ABV (1/11)
Rich dark chestnut color. Densely wound aromas of rich coffee, jerky and crushed dark roasted nuts with a round, dryish medium body and a savory cocoa, sautèed bean and leafy vegetable-accented finish. A rock solid food beer to try with mole.

87 Meantime Coffee Porter, Meantime Brewing Company (England). 6% ABV (1/11)
Rich copper color. Interesting aromas of peach yogurt, buttery nougat, coffee and tropical fruit crème brûlée with a supple dry-yet-fruity medium body and cocoa and honeyed marmalade finish. Tasty.

86 VIP Vanilla Porter, Hop Valley Brewing Co. (OR). 5.8% ABV (1/10)
Dark brown color. Rich aromas of chocolate-covered apricots and vanilla fudge follow through on a round, soft entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium body with good fruity depth and a tangy mildly citrus, nuts and chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream-accented fade.

86 Samuel Adams Honey Porter, The Boston Beer Co. (MA). 5.5% ABV (1/11)
Reddish brown color. Aromas of dark chocolate mousse, beehive and toasty praline with hints of soy sauce with a dryish medium body and a creamy, honeyed mocha pastry and baked apple finish. A nicely balanced and refreshing porter.

86 Mocha Porter, Rogue Ales (OR). 5.3% ABV (1/11)
Deep reddish brown color. Densely compacted aromas of melted bitter chocolate, dried meat, crayon, burnt toast and char-grilled root vegetables with a supple, dry medium body and a creamy, egg custard and bitter coffee-accented finish.

84 Honey Mint Porter, North Peak Brewing Co. (MI). 7.5% ABV (1/09) %{Brewpub}
Reddish mahogany color. Interesting aromas of chocolate mint and coriander follow through on a round entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with mincemeat pie and lemon marmalade notes. Finishes with a tangy, spice, mint leaf-accented fade. Different.

80 Progress Porter, Main Street Grille and Brewing Co. (OH). 5% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Hazy copper color. Bold coffee grounds aromas with a dryish light-to-medium body and a quick coffee and burnt cracker finish. A cathexis of coffee, but where’s the porter?