The Search for a Tasty Nitro IPA

Suggest a beer on nitro and the mind’s eye will likely turn to a stout or porter. The gas is

Tasting the Dark Side

(Photo courtesy Jeff Quinn) Black beers can be highly polarizing. They can be a slow mover in a brewery’s lineup,

Baltic and Imperial Porter

Porter in all its forms may be one of the more misunderstood and underappreciated of all beer styles. Common porter

Snake Bite Porter

Silver Moon Brewing Co. Bend, OR Snake Bite is a robust English-style porter for the seasoned porter lover. Fair weather,

May Your Glass Be Ever Full

In Ireland, history catches you by the coattails at every turn. Towns, cities and countryside reflect centuries of invasion, foreign

Prague: A Pisshead’s Pub Guide

Prague is a paradise for lager lovers. It can also be a daunting Old World city with hard-to-pronounce pub names

Barrel-Aged Lager

93 Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter, Browning’s Brewery (KY). 8% ABV (11/10) %{Brewpub} Black brown color. Rich layered aromas and flavors

Baltic Porter

In the 18th century, the strong English stouts were exported through the Baltic region to Russia—the origin of the Russian imperial stout style. Seeing this success, traditional lager- making breweries along the export route developed their own version of the style: strong and black, but bottom-fermented and lagered. Baltic porters are smooth, with caramel, chocolate and licorice notes, lacking the roasted, gristy qualities of a stout. Low hop aroma, medium- to full-bodied, with a sweet malty character. Strength ranges from 6 to as high as 9 percent ABV.
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