Raspberry Wheat

(extract, 5 gallons) OG 1.055, 20 IBU

Steep 1.0 lb Carapils® malt, then add:
5.0 lb wheat malt extract

Bring to a boil and add 1.0 oz Mt. Hood hop, AA 5.0%

Boil for one hour, add 0.5 oz of aroma hop like Saaz or Fuggles (optional), cool and pitch a neutral yeast like American ale or American wheat

After primary fermentation, add one can of raspberry fruit puree or 4.0 lb sanitized raspberries. Allow complete fermentation, rack to secondary for one week, then bottle or keg as normal.

Apricot Amber

(partial mash, 5 gallons) OG 1.065, 30 IBU

1.0 lb Crystal 60 or Caramunich III
2.0 lb Munich malt
2.0 lb Pale ale, pilsner, or American 2-row malt
Collect wort and add 3.0 lb light DME

Hop schedule:
1.0 oz Perle, AA 8.0%, 60 minutes
1.0 oz Willamette, AA 5.0%, 5 minutes

Ferment with American ale yeast
Add 4.0 lbs fresh apricots to secondary, ferment to completion and bottle or keg

Dubbel Date

(all-grain, 5 gallons) OG 1.070, 25 IBU

0.25 lb Special B
0.5 lb Aromatic malt
1.0 lb Crystal 60 or Caramunich III
4.0 lb Munich malt
7.0 lb pilsner malt
3 lb chopped dates
Mash all of the above at 153 degrees F for 1 hour

Hop schedule:
1.5 oz East Kent Goldings, AA 5.0%, 60 minutes
1.0 oz Saaz, AA 3.5%, 10 minutes

Ferment with your favorite Belgian yeast, I prefer Wyeast 1762 or White Labs WLP540
Optional: Add the zest of two tangerines with the Saaz hops