This is the second episode recorded live before an audience at Funk Fest, the great event put on by Embrace the Funk and Yazoo Brewing in Nashville, Tennessee. Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey talks about the evolution of sours and funky, of tradition and exploration. 

Tomme Arthur is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Owner of The Lost Abbey located in Vista, CA. He has been in charge of the successes and failures of the company since its inception in 2006.  Lost Abbey Brewing has been turning water into beer since 2006.  

Prior to that, he was a brewpub brewer for almost 10 years. With over 28 years of brewing under his belt, he has seen more than a little. His experience with oak aging and sour beer dates back to before Y2K and he continues to passionately share with any and all who will give him an ear. 

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