The breweries attending Beer Quest fall into one of our four paths: Hoppy & Curious, The Dark Path, Not 4 nOObs and Fizzy Yellow Greatness. You’ll be able to sample any of these beers at your leisure like a typical beer fest, or spend your time perusing whichever path your palate prefers.

Below you will find the breweries pouring in each of our four paths. You can find the complete beer list here, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates!


Hoppy & Curious

Through this diverse exploration of all beers hoppy, you can explore everything from session to imperial IPAs to Belgian-style and beyond. This path was blazed for the hopheads and for anyone curious about craft beer’s most popular style.


The Dark Path

Stouts and porters, of course, but also Belgian dubbels, quadrupels, dark saisons and lagers, and maybe a barrel-aged offering or two. Think you don’t like dark beer? This path might change your tune.


Not 4 nOObs

Leave your preconceptions about beer at the door before heading down this path. Barrel-aged, smoked, sour or pepper beers — this track is filled with flavors that for some take some getting used to, so why not start now?


Fizzy Yellow Greatness

Consider this path both a gateway from light lager land and a journey for more serious beer geeks. Take a walk through sessionable (read “easy to drink”) beers across a wide range of styles, including pilsners, Helles lagers, session IPAs, table beers, saisons and wheat beers.


Choose one path or sample from all of them, but know that there will be something for everyone at Beer Quest. Get your tickets today to join us at BB&T Ballpark on Saturday, Nov. 19!