Beer bars play an important role in delivering a world class experience while offering a curated list that can surprise, delight, or just be a comfort. This is our annual episode where we check in on the state of beer bars with a trio of publicans.

2022 offered more chances to get back out into the world. The beer bars across the country, that is to say, the ones dedicated to well selected lists and impeccable service are a necessary part of the beer landscape. 

Like taprooms and restaurants they are also facing hardships amid labor shortages and rising costs. 

We are grateful to have three well respected publicans on the show this year to talk about their experiences and to give us the state of beer bars in 2022. 

– Suzanne Schalow of Craft Beer Cellar

– Christopher Quinn of the Craft Beer Temple

– Roger Baylor of Pints and Union and Common Haus Hall

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