John Kleinchester tweets, blogs, and posts on Facebook in the name of beertography.

This weekend, craft beer lovers will flock to New York City for SAVOR, an unforgettable craft beer and food experience. To capture the fun, we recruited John Kleinchester (a.k.a. beertography) to be our guest Instagrammer for the Saturday session.

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As the creator of the term beertography (beer + photography = beertography), Kleinchester is passionate about the craft of photographing craft beer. But before we handed over the account to Kleinchester—who also tweetsblogs, and posts on Facebook in the name of beertography—we wanted to ask him a few questions.

All About Beer: When you’re not taking pictures of beer, what keeps you busy?

JK: I spend long, arduous days working for a major television company in the Times Square area. When I’m not daydreaming about craft beer I’m ensuring that countless hours of mediocre television make it to air. On the beer side, I’m a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, I’ve organized successful events for the charity Pints for Prostates, I’ve curated beer lists for festivals and written guest articles for various beer websites. In homebrewing I’ve won various awards through the NYC Homebrewers Guild and collaborated on a batch with Sixpoint Brewery. I also act as a rep for New Jersey Craft Beer, helping spread craft beer throughout NJ.

You created the hashtag #beertography, right? How’d that come to be?

Yes! Long story short, I had started taking photos of all of the beers I was having so that I could document them, and the term “beertography” popped into my head. I googled it and no results came up. Cut to four years later and I can barely keep up with the beertography hashtag. It’s a lot of fun.

Which do you enjoy more: Taking your own #beertography pics or seeing those posted by others?

That’s a tough question. It is a lot of fun taking my own #beertography but honestly some of the innovative stuff that people come up with is incredible. People are so creative. The #beertography hashtag has really taken on a life of it’s own.

We’re a big fan of your #beertography-themed contests. As a judge, what are you looking for in the perfect #beertography shot?

It doesn’t take much to stage good #beertography, but it can be difficult to stand out among the pack. One simple rule is to never display mismatching glassware. If you’re drinking a Carton Brewing beer out of a Brooklyn Brewery pint glass, hide the Brooklyn logo. It just doesn’t feel right when you have another brewery’s logo prominently displayed.

If you could only follow five or six users on Instagram, who would they be and why?

It honestly changes week to week, but here are my current favorites:

the_beer_truck: A fine fellow out of Grand Rapids named Dan runs this account. His photos of Founders beers alone are worth following. Great stuff.

beerismychurch: How can you go wrong with a user name like Beer is My Church? Consistently fantastic photos from Zach from NJ.

slyford: Steve is a great beertographer who’s constantly attending Philly’s coolest craft beer events.

idrunkthat: Chris doesn’t just cover awesome beer but is an expert on cider as well. Always good stuff here.

instapint: What can I say? This guy should have way more followers. He’s churning out consistently amazing beertography.