96 Hop Henge Experimental IPA, Deschutes Brewery (OR). 8.7% ABV (3/09)
Rich bright copper color with a fine mousse of foam. Dense aromas of warm caramel, crushed grapefruit and pine cones follow through on a supple, smooth entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-dull body with clover honey, banana pudding and rye toast and peppery spice notes. Finishes with long, sumptuous kumquat and toasted pine bark fade. A superbly balanced and incredible flavorful and complex strong ale that is world class.

92 Slipknot Imperial IPA, Full Sail Brewing Co. (OR). 7.8% ABV (2/08)
Beautifully pure amber color with a lacy white head. compact aromas of dried orange, floral apricot peel, legumes, cocoa and spice. a rich, velvety entry leads to an intense and dryish full body of baked citrus, pungent grassy herbs, cruciform veggies and praline flavors. Finishes with a very long and penetrating fade of spicy, herbal, mineral, grassy hops and tangy kumquats. An enormously flavorful and contemplative beer.

92 Moylander Double IPA, Moylan’s Brewing Co. (CA). 8.5% ABV (3/09)
Rich amber color. Aromas of grapefruit, spruce and custard follow through on a rich, chewy entry to a dry-yet-fruity full body with deep flavors and peppery astringency. Finishes with an a intense, lingering grilled grapefruit and singed pine cone-accented fade. A bold, but balance strong ale with a pungent bittering hop character. Pair with atomic curries.

92 Imperial India Pale Ale, Rogue Ales (OR). 9.5% ABV (3/09)
Slightly hazy bright amber color. Aromas of grapefruit, white pine embers and peach custard follow through on a round, rich entry to a dryish medium-full body with great depth and a long peppery and astringent, grilled citrus and pine sap fade. A brawny strong ale.

90 I2PA Imperial India Pale Ale, Rogue Ales (OR). 9.5% ABV (2/07)
Golden amber color. Powerful resiny hop, vanilla bean and caramel aromas leap from the glass. A rich entry leads to a vibrant, dryish full body of caramelized roasted nuts, kumquats and white chocolate flavors. Finishes with a long, intensely piney and astringent Northwest hop fade. Keeps its drinkability even through the intensity of the hops.

90 Hopsickle Imperial IPA, Moylan’s Brewing Co. (CA). 9.2% ABV (3/09)
Rich deep amber color. Interesting aroma of chocolate mint, spruce and honeyed citrus follow through on a rich, chewy entry to a dry-yet-fruity full body with toasted pound cake, cocoa-dusted crystallized ginger and dried grapefruit peel notes. Finishes with a long, pleasingly astringent and bitter peppercorn and dusty pine cone fade. A rich, full-throttle imperial IPA for the thirsty thrill seeker. Pair with Indian food.

86 Hop Harvest Ale, BridgePort Brewing Co. (OR). 7% ABV (2/08)
Hazy golden amber color. Intensely grassy herbal fresh hop aromas follow through and morph into a phenolic plastic purse like note with caramelized nuts, baked figs and pungent herbs. Interesting.

82 Maggie Imperial IPA, Grumpy Troll Brewery (WI). 7.84% ABV (2/07)
Deep copper color. Soapy, dust rag aromas. A round entry leads to a dryish medium body of charred nuts, dark caramel, stewed cabbage and sharp bittering hops on the finish. Out of balance.