On Monday, brewer Johnathan Wakefield started an online fundraising campaign to raise $55,000 for his startup brewery in Miami.

Thirty hours later, he exceeded the goal.

And by now, more 300 backers have pledged more than $91,000 to J. Wakefield Brewing on CrowdBrewed.com.

“I never could have imagined it would have happened like that, not ever,” Wakefield told The New Times Broward-Palm Beach. “Kinda blown away [by it]… it’s very overwhelming in a good way. We’re going to continue going with the campaign. The bottling line is paid for, the tasting room will be done. We might have the ability to maybe buy two more fermenters.”

J. Wakefield Brewing plans to launch with a full production 15-barrrel brewing system in January.

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