95 Primator Maibock, Pivovar Nachod (Czech Republic). 7.5% ABV (11/09)
Golden amber color. Aromas of honeycomb and toasted raisin and baguette bread follow through on a round, supple entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium body with sweet citrus marmalade and spice notes. Finishes in a long, chewy dried fruit and bold earthy, hay-like fade with great astringency. Excellent style and vigor.

95 Hofbräu Maibock, Hofbräuhaus München (Germany). 7.2% ABV (5/10)
Deep amber color. Bold roasted grain and toffee aromas have a pronounced earthy, Germanic hop note and follow through seamlessly to a dryish medium-to-full body with great depth, intensity and style. Finishes with a long, earthy hop and mineral-accented fade. Classic; bring on the sausages and grilled chickens.

94 Bavarian Heller Doppelbock, Privatbrauerei Plank-Laaber (Germany). 7.8% ABV (5/08)
Slightly hazy golden amber color. Wet grain, pudding and clay aromas. A round, frothy entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of sweet honeyed toast, brown sugar, taro root and nut flavors. Finishes with a long, rich chewy dried peach, orange and honey nut fade. Delicious and well-balanced.

92 LTD 02, Full Sail Brewing Co. (OR). 6.4% ABV (5/10)
Bright amber color. Aromas of toasted buttermilk biscuit, honey and roasted white corn follow through on a supple, finely carbonated entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with excellent depth and subtle dried fruit notes. Finishes with a long, honeyed citrus and grassy hop fade with a touch of pepper. Rich and refreshing.

91 Maibock, Capital Brewery (WI). 6.2% ABV (5/10)
Brilliant amber color. Caramel on raisin toast aromas follow through on a chewy entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with great depth, effervescence and vibrancy. Finishes with more dried stone and citrus fruit nuance and gentle earthy hops. A very nice domestic maibock with a fine balance of malt.

90 Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Ales (OR). 6% ABV (5/10)
Amber copper color. Rich aromas of flan, citrus marmalade, sautéed zucchini and delicate pine follow through on a satiny, chewy entry to a dryish medium-to-full with great balance and vibrancy. Finishes with a long, earthy and grassy hop crescendo.

89 Mai Bock, Sprecher Brewing Co. (WI). 6% ABV (5/10)
Amber color. Honeyed buttered raisin toast, cracker and praline aromas follow through on a frothy entry to a dryish medium body with very good depth and a rock solid roasted grain character. Finishes with a cleansing wave of citrusy and earthy hops in fine balance with the malt. Very nice.

89 Coney Island Human Blockhead Lager, Shmaltz Brewing Co. (NY). 10% ABV (5/10)
Deep copper mahogany color. Dense praline, honeyed raisin toast and candied citrus peel aromas follow through on a rich entry to a dryish medium-full body with great intensity and chewy depth. Finishes with a long, crème brûlée, bold kumquat and piney hop flourish. An intensely hoppy West Coast take on the style that is sure to please hopheads, but may be too much for maibock purists seeking extended “sessionability.”

88 Point Einbock, Stevens Point Brewery (WI). 6.2% ABV (5/10)
Bright amber color. Mild cracker and toast aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dryish medium body with nectarine and dried citrus notes. Finishes with a crisp, grassy hop fade. Nice clean refined maibock.

87 Heavy Seas Small Craft Warning Uber Pils, Clipper City Brewing Co. (MD). 7.5% ABV (5/08)
Brilliant golden amber color. Slightly sour dried orange, nut toast and Ivory soap aromas follow though on a creamy entry to a dryish medium body with nice hints of creamy caramel. Finishes with pleasant porridge and dried citrus fade.

86 Maibock, Bastone Brewery (MI). 7% ABV (4/08) %{Brewpub}
Amber in color with a slight orange cast. Honey, cookie dough and graham cracker nose with hints of orange marmalade. Soft on the palate with gentle carbonation. Dark toast and sweet honey butter notes make up the malt backbone. Finishing with a candy apple-like sweetness with slight perks of bitterness that are actually fairly quenching. Try this brew with some slow-roasted pork with apples and shallots.