surly doomtree posterSurly Doomtree

Surly Brewing Co. with Doomtree


5.7% | Hoppy Amber Ale

Intentionally not brewed to any particular style, this hop-forward collaboration sees Surly and independent hip-hop collective Doomtree partnering up. The latter’s latest full-length album, All Hands, released in January.

If you’ve had Abrasive, or Furious, or pretty much any vintage of Wet, or Blakkr … or really just about any other hoppy Surly offering, it probably won’t come as a surprise that this one feels very much on point. Orange-brown in color, it treads a line that’s near a hoppy brown, but the core sweetness is more toast and tea than darker malts. The hop aromatics are a mix of earthiness and juicy lemons, while this ultimately feels like a generous amber ale: crackling core malts that pop side-by-side with bright citrus. I have no idea what this is. But it’s good.

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