94 Double Dead Guy, Rogue Ales (OR). 9% ABV (3/10)
Deep lightly hazy amber color. Aromas of peanut shells, candied apricot, cocoa and earth follow through on a round, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity full body with clay, brown sugar and peppery spice notes. Finishes with a long, warming mineral, pinecone and dried citrus fade. Very balanced and rich; try with sausages.

94 Imperial Red Ale, Rogue Ales (OR). 9% ABV (3/10)
Ruby amber color. Rich melted toffee aromas follow through on a sumptuous entry to a fruity-yet-dry full body with gobs of chocolate-covered sour cherries and dried fruits. Finishes with a long, coffee buttercream and pink peppercorn fade. Massively delicious.

94 Gordon Imperial Red Ale, Oskar Blues Brewery (CO). 8.7% ABV (3/10)
Copper color. Intense kumquat and grapefruity peel aromas have a delicate brioche back note and follow through on a rounds, satiny entry to a dryish medium-full body with light molasses and buttery caramel cake notes. Finishes with a long, chewy orange and peach marmalade-accented fade. A big and tasty hop and malt explosion.

93 Traquair Jacobite Ale, Traquair House Brewery (Scotland). 8% ABV (2/08)
Dark brown color. Deep spicy aromas of coriander, ginger, candied orange and sweet soy follow through to a fruity medium-full body with praline and a mélange of potpourri and baking spices. A richly spicy and fun strong ale.

93 Gordon Double Red Ale, Oskar Blues Brewery (CO). 8.7% ABV (2/08)
Deep cooper color with a persistent, celestial mousse. Rich, delicious aromas of honeyed apricot and citrus compote, warm caramel and bright herbal hops. A rich but silky entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity full body with cocoa butter, spice, dried fruit and roasted nut toast flavors. Finishes with a long, elegant interplay of creamy malt and supportive spicy and herbal hops. A delightful giant of a sipper.

92 Singleton Ale, Top of the Hill Restaurant & Brewery (NC). 8.3% ABV (2/09)
Brilliant medium amber color thin with a blanket of fine foam. Aromas of orange blossom honey, spice, praline and leather follow through on a pillowy plush entry to a very fruity full body with layers of golden raisins, orange marmalade on buttered rye toast and sautéed peaches. Finishes with a long, pepper and mineral ore-accented fade with firm citrus and pine-tinged hops. A fresh and lively strong beer.

92 Mogul Madness, Rogue Ales (OR). 6.6% ABV (3/10)
Dark reddish copper mahogany color. Spicy mole, pine needle and dried berry aromas follow through on a round, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with honeyed dried grapefruit and whole nut notes. Finishes with a long, astringent woody pine and citrusy hop fade.

91 Maximus, Bastone Brewery (MI). 9.5% ABV (2/09) %{Brewpub}
Deep reddish brown color with a wispy taupe head. Interesting aromas of molasses, coffee, pork rind, dried black cherry and bread pudding follow through of a round, velvety entry to a fruity-yet-dry full body with dried currant, maple syrup and roasted nut notes. Finishes with a long molasses and licorice fade. A tasty rich and balanced strong ale.

91 Double Mocha Porter, Rogue Ales (OR). 8.2% ABV (3/10)
Deep brown color. Mocha, wood, dried fruit and tangy honeyed citrus aromas and flavors on a rich, chewy medium-full body with a peppery, dried meat and cocoa powder-accented fade. Rich, toffeed malt makes this a pleasure to drink.

90 Stegmaier Holiday Warmer, The Lion Brewery (PA). 8.1% ABV (2/09)
Deep amber copper color. Spicy cinnamon raisin toast and peach pie crust aromas. Follow through on a velvety, frothy entry to a fruity medium-full body with excellent depth, balance and a refreshing mineral, brown sugar, peppercorn and candied yam fade. Nice.

90 Imperial Younger’s Special Bitter Ale, Rogue Ales (OR). 7.4% ABV (3/10)
Lightly hazy deep amber copper color. Rich chocolate-covered peach, lemon gelato and nut bread toast aromas follow through on a chewy entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with brown sugar, soy bean and pepper notes. Finishes with a long, astringent and reedy hop fade.

89 Red Ale, Otro Mundo Brewing (Argentina). 7.5% ABV (2/09)
Slightly hazy amber color. Aromas of toasted grains and caramelized macadamia nuts, floral honey and peach follow through on a soft, frothy entry to an off-dry full body with candy corn, sweet citrus and apricot compote notes, and a legume and collard green note on the pepper jelly on toast finish.

87 Natty Imperial Red Ale, Hop Valley Brewing Co. (OR). 8% ABV (3/10) %{Brewpub}
Deep russet mahogany color. Aromas of roasted meat, licorice and dried apples and pears follow through on a smooth, satiny entry to a dryish full body with nice depth and balance. Finishes with a tangy citrusy and wood piney hop fade.

85 Anniversary Ale, Willoughby Brewing Co. (OH). 10% ABV (2/08) %{Brewpub}
Orange bronze color. Rock candy, ginger gelatins and mixed fruit marmalade on Hawaiian toast aromas. A silky entry leads to a lightly effervescent, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body of orange honey on raisin roast flavors with a layer of sweet spice. Finishes with quick sweet orange and peppery spice fade with lingering warmth and prickly heat. A good effort at a Belgian-style strong or triple.