The action takes place on the gridiron in Arizona, but millions of Americans will gather comfortably at home, or with friends to watch the New England Patriots take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. One thing viewers at home will see are advertisements for beer—likely one of a certain light or lager variety. However, America’s beer renaissance gives us the chance to drink different and add depth of flavor to our glasses.

Offerings from Arizona have grown in recent years. The majority of breweries have a relatively small distribution market, but that doesn’t mean many of the lagers and ales being produced aren’t worth seeking out. Check out for a list of local breweries and their offerings.

If you want to root for one of the championship teams with beers from their home states, there are seemingly endless options. There is Elysian Brewing Co., Pike Brewing Co., and Redhook Brewery (with a second location in New Hampshire—so you can play both sides) from Washington. From New England, widespread favorites include beers from Samuel Adams, Harpoon Brewery, Two Roads Brewing Co., Long Trail Brewing Co. and so many more.

Aside from the game (or the commercials) the other star of the day is food. Wings, dips, sandwiches and all matter of hearty faire are the norm on the big day. This year, why not add beer to a few dishes as an ingredient to bring out some unexpected flavors. Thanks to it’s main ingredients—water, hops, malt, and yeast—a bottle (or more) of beer is like adding a spice cabinet to particular dishes.

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