beer styles

CAMRA Turns 40

In April 2010, as the world’s airlines were grounded by volcanic ash, all the signs indicated that the Campaign for

The Magic of Mild

Coming soon to a bar near you: mild ale. This traditional English beer, once the most popular style in the

Secrets of Beer Judging

I’ve gotten some strange responses over the years when I tell people that I’m a beer judge. Some people don’t

The Froth of July

Brewer. Patriot. That two-word tag line says it all, creating a link between love of beer and love of country.

Cask Ale

Over the last few years we’ve seen a veritable boom in the number of craft beer establishments around the country,

Are the Great Beers of Europe Dying?

No discussion of European beer is possible without recognizing that all of the distinctive classes of modern beer made around


Four thousand miles away from Manhattan, in a northern Italian village, Birrificio Troll owner Alberto Canavese was celebrating because his

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