Heaven, North of the Bridge

“And if you’re looking for heaven, it’s north of the bridge.” That’s the way we see it in Michigan. So

Beer in the New South

While Oregon and Washington, Colorado, Maine or California amongst others saw explosive craft brewery growth, the Southeastern states seemed trapped

The Men in the Big Rubber Boots

If you love the beers of Rogue Ales, take a moment to thank the inhospitable environment of Los Angeles. If

Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago

The current work is an expanded version of the author’s 1999 book The History of Beer and Brewing in Chicago,

The Good Beer Guide to New England

New England is a vibrant, dynamic region for craft brewers. Each of the six states boasts excellent microbreweries and brewpubs.

Beer Vacations

In Nick Park’s magical Wallace and Gromit short feature Claymation film, A Grand Day Out, his two characters are in