Jack Hendler

Jack Hendler, center, of Jack’s Abby Brewing (Editor’s Note: This is part of a series in which we scoured the

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If you ask David Flynn what prompted him to buy a membership share in Seattle’s Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery last


Barrel-Aged Lager

93 Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter, Browning’s Brewery (KY). 8% ABV (11/10) %{Brewpub} Black brown color. Rich layered aromas and flavors


Baltic Porter

In the 18th century, the strong English stouts were exported through the Baltic region to Russia—the origin of the Russian imperial stout style. Seeing this success, traditional lager- making breweries along the export route developed their own version of the style: strong and black, but bottom-fermented and lagered. Baltic porters are smooth, with caramel, chocolate and licorice notes, lacking the roasted, gristy qualities of a stout. Low hop aroma, medium- to full-bodied, with a sweet malty character. Strength ranges from 6 to as high as 9 percent ABV.


How good is the beer coming out of chain brewpubs? Pretty good if the 2011 Great American Beer Festival results

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