Can Mild Ale Make it in America?

Alistair Reece is a peripatetic Scot currently living in Virginia, and a bit of a contrarian. “My dad used to

Craft Keg in the United Kingdom

What’s in a name? Everything it seems when it comes to casks and kegs in Britain. In the last year

Bitter Ale

If one were asked to name the definitive American craft beer style, they would pick pale ale. Ask a Brit

CAMRA Turns 40

In April 2010, as the world’s airlines were grounded by volcanic ash, all the signs indicated that the Campaign for

The Magic of Mild

Coming soon to a bar near you: mild ale. This traditional English beer, once the most popular style in the

The Power of Pale Ale

Amidst the clamorous American microbrewery scene resides the modest, ubiquitous and steady pale ale. It is essentially the beer that


American philosopher Mortimer J. Adler once wrote, “In the case of good books, the point is not how many of

with Alastair Hook

Where do you see Meantime Brewery in the modern UK brewing landscape? In terms of the modern landscape, we are

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