Wheat Beer

What a great time to be a brewer. From progressive and avant-garde beers to the authentic, Old-World stalwarts, we can


Weizen bier is a top-fermenting beer style that originates from southern Germany, particularly Bavaria, and is brewed with at least 50 percent wheat in the mash. Hefeweizens are refreshing, highly carbonated beers ideal for quenching summer thirsts. They undergo secondary fermentation, often in the bottle, and the yeast strains used for this purpose impart a spicy, clove-like flavor. Hefe (the German word for yeast) on the label denotes that the bottle contains yeast sediment. Alcohol content is typically 5-5.5 percent ABV, giving these beers a medium to medium-full body. Hop flavors play a very insignificant role in the flavor profile. The best examples to be found are still authentic Bavarian imports, although some good domestic examples are produced and are often available as a draft option.

Wheat Beers

It is the middle of summer and I’m moving out of my house. Boxes, a lot of them, heavy and

Wheat Beers

Generally, I find myself enjoying a wheat-based beer during the summer months: hot weather and wheat beer go hand-in-hand, after

Hefeweizen and Dunkelweizen

There is no denying the popularity of wheat beers these days, but they are as old as beer itself. Bavarian

Waves of Grain

Temperatures rise. The ocean beckons. Baseball bats crack. Porch swings creak. Kids chase each other around the back yard. Fireflies

Bavarian Wheat Beers

Bavaria, best known for its smooth, clean, bottom-fermented lager biers, is synonymous with great brewing tradition. Golden pilsners, Munich helles,