What’s New in the Homebrew World? 

With Homebrew Conference right around the corner (June 22-24, 2023 in San Diego) we thought we needed another episode focusing

The Trials of Brewery Ownership

From a marketing beginning to eventual homebrewing and then a professional career that had him working for one of the

Drinking What Thrills You

Jonathan Moxey of Rockwell Beer Company guests on the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast this week and makes the case

The American Homebrewers Association Announces

2022 Hill Staff Homebrew Champion (Press Release) Washington, D.C. • Dec. 8, 2022 – Brewing up bipartisan camaraderie on Capitol Hill, the American Homebrewers

The 2022 State of Homebrewing

We’re headed into that time of year where people tend to reflect, take stock and then look forward. On this

The Search for a Tasty Nitro IPA

Suggest a beer on nitro and the mind’s eye will likely turn to a stout or porter. The gas is

Homebrewing with Natural Spring Water

Brian Haslip (Photo courtesy Brian Haslip) In preparation for a brew day, homebrewer Brian Haslip has a slightly different routine

Homebrewing: Experimental Design

Once modern American brewers mastered a few of the basic beer styles, the urge to experiment kicked into high gear

The Mark of a True Connoisseur

(Photo by Jeff Quinn) Back in the 1970s, the United States was a vast beer desert. With little difference between

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