Headlong Into Sour

(Photo by Jeff Quinn) For all its history, beer has lived with the curse and blessing of acidity. In most

Welcome to Lambic Country

Beer is as much about the environment where it is enjoyed as it is about taste and aroma. This is

Sailing on the S.S. Lambic

Growing up in Southern California, in the shadows of Disneyland, I learned from our numerous visits each year the meaning

The Wild Side

Those of us fortunate enough to have experienced the North American beer renaissance would never have imagined anything like this

Flanders Red and Brown

The quest of beer-lovers leaves virtually no cellar undisturbed. That pursuit is often about the novel inspired by the venerable,


Belgium is synonymous with brewing eccentricity and whimsy―its brewers’ penchant for unusual ingredients, methods and historical usage is still very

Specialty Beers

Every year during the World Beer Championships, we dedicate one session to specialty styles of beer that includes fruit-flavored beers,

Sour Ale

With this issue All About Beer launches a new column called Your Next Beer. The goal of this column is

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