Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest

In 1805, long before the debut of IFC’s hilarious sketch comedy show “Portlandia,” Captain William Clark wrote in his journal,

Beervana, Part II

Not long ago we spent a long, lazy weekend in Portland, OR. It soon became clear that it would take

Beervana – Part I

To call Portland, OR, “an embarrassment of beer riches” would be an understatement. For years, enthusiasts have flocked to the

Beer Cities Under the Radar

You have to hand it to Don Russell, although what you had to him might vary depending upon the city


Who brewed these 25 beers over the last 10 years: Hallucinator, Snow Plow Milk Stout, English Brown, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian

Living in Beervana

While visiting a TV station in Albuquerque on business—like many of my beer-writing brethren, I have a “real job” in

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