white beer

White Beer

Wit beer is a style of flavored wheat. It is distinctly Belgian in origin and is still very closely associated with this lowland country. Wits employ a proportion of unmalted wheat in the mash, but also have flavor added in the form of Curaçao orange peel and coriander, among other ingredients. Their appearance is marked by a hazy white precipitate and these beers generally have some sedimentation. Typically, these are very refreshing summer thirst quenchers. Their popularity in the United States is growing, with some notable examples to be found.

Wheat Beers

It is the middle of summer and I’m moving out of my house. Boxes, a lot of them, heavy and

Wheat Beers

Generally, I find myself enjoying a wheat-based beer during the summer months: hot weather and wheat beer go hand-in-hand, after

Belgian Witbier

With summer not-so-gently pounding on the door, it’s time to spotlight the summer quenchers. Few offer the complexity and satisfaction