On this episode of the All About Beer Podcast it is a fresh deep dive into beer and food pairing. 

Our guest is the legendary Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery, but more importantly wrote probably the most popular book about beer and food pairing, The Brewmaster’s Table.

“I think of beer as food,” says co-host Don Tse. “So the same way steak might taste better with mashed potatoes or ice cream might taste better with chocolate syrup, sometimes food tastes better when paired with the right beer, or beer can taste better when paired with the right food.”

Co-host Em Sauter agrees. “You want that ‘perfect bite’ and since beer encompasses so many different flavors- you can easily get that when you pair beer with food,” she says.

About Garrett Oliver

Garrett Oliver is the brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery, the author of The Brewmaster’s Table, and the Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer. He has been brewing craft beer since 1989 and is a veteran of over 1000 beer dinners and tastings in 16 countries. An original board member of Slow Food USA, he later went on to become a Councilor of Slow Food International.

In 2014 Garrett was the recipient of the James Beard Award as the country’s top drinks professional.  In 2020 he founded the Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing and DistillingMJF), a 501(c)(3) grant-making non-profit organization that funds scholarships for technical education in the brewing and distilling fields for people of color.

In 2022, Garrett was “enthroned” by the Knights of The Brewer’s Fork of Belgium, descendants of the ancient brewer’s guild.

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