Las Vegas will be the focal point for some brewing professionals in the coming weeks as the Brewers Association hosts its annual Craft Brewers Conference, World Beer Bup, and BrewExpo America. For those traveling to Sin City, Dan Pixley has created this list of breweries, beer bars, and experiences to make the most of your time.

Pixley was born and raised in Las Vegas, and he has been a part of the local craft beer scene and homebrew scene since 2010. Pixley is a certified BJCP judge and a credited contributor to the 2021 BJCP Guidelines. He’s been a member of the Milk The Funk Facebook group since 2014 and has written and maintained around 80 percent of the Milk The Funk Wiki, which is a free to access wiki that summarizes and documents scientifically and experientially based knowledge about sour beer brewing.and fermentation with “alternative” microbes.

“I am very excited for CBC to be hosted here, but I realize that Vegas is not known for craft beer,” he says. “Despite this perception, I think our town has made amazing leaps forward in the past decade or so, mostly driven by an off-strip local scene. The strip still has very little to offer as far as craft beer. If you get a chance to get away from the strip and explore the town, here is my locals guide.”

He notes that this list contains all of the breweries in town, but as far as bars that serve craft beer “I am leaving out a lot. These are what I believe to be the standouts worth visiting as far as craft beer bars go.”

Breweries in the Arts District

Able Baker

Cin-Cin Brewhouse and Seafood Bar

CraftHaus Tap Room

Hop Nuts


Las Vegas Brewing Tap Room

Nevada Brew Works

Beer bars in the Arts District

Berlin Bar

Hola Habibi

Ser Veh Zah

Silver Stamp

Voodoo Brewing

Garagiste (notable wine bar; has natural wine too)

Breweries in the Henderson Booze District and Water Street

CraftHaus (brewery location)

Neon Desert Brewing Co.

Lovelady Brewing Co.

Mojave Brewing Co.

Not beer, but worth checking out in the area of Henderson Booze District and Water Street

Deadwood Meadery

Khoury’s Fine Wine and Spirits

Las Vegas Distillery

Vegas Valley Winery

Breweries on Fremont and Nearby

Beer Zombies/Tenaya Creek on Bonanza (take Uber from Fremont; Beer Zombies bars have several other locations all around town)

Mob Museum (I *think* they still make their own beer? Staple Vegas spot regardless)

Triple 7 (inside Main Street Casino)

Bars on Fremont and Nearby

Atomic Liquors


Evil Pie

Fat Cat

Breweries in North Las Vegas and North and West Las Vegas:

Big Dogs Brewing (24/7 food and gaming)

North 5th Brewing

Las Vegas Brewing (walkable to Aces and Ales)

Chicago Brewing

Bars in North Las Vegas and North and West Las Vegas:

595 Craft Kitchen

Aces and Ales on Tenaya (OG location is on the east side of town on Nellis)

Bars Near the Strip, Airport, and UNLV


Player One

Pub 365 (inside Tuscany Casino)

Red Dwarf

Sand Dollar (China Town location)

Tacos and Beer