Jeff O’Neil, founder of Industrial Arts Brewing Company in the Hudson Valley is back for part two of sustainable brewing practices. In our last show “From Grain to Bottle” (air date 3/25/22) Jeff shared how malt production has changed throughout the years in the Hudson Valley and we began to discuss water conservation at Industrial Arts. 

For this episode, Jeff explains the sustainable practices they have implemented in their new facility in Beacon, NY based on techniques from their original location. He talks through the finer points of recycling heat from their glycol chiller, using a nitrogen generator, and vapor distilling. 

We also dive into hop production in New York and how local products can help with a carbon footprint. There are many hop options now, or as Jeff puts it “tools in their toolbox” that allow brewers to layer flavors. From wet hops, dried flowers, pellets, and even hop extracts, Jeff explain how each can be useful and their impact on the environment. 

We are looking forward to a part three episode with Jeff soon! 

Shoutouts: Hudson Valley Beer, Finger Lakes Beer, Pederson Farms (Seneca Castle, NY)