Lew Bryson joins this episode of the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast. He’s a long-time writer in the beer and whisky space, a voice of reason, and honestly just a force of good and positivity in an otherwise dreary world.

I’ve been fortunate to call  Bryson a friend for the better part of 20 years now. As a writer starting off in the beer space he was one of a few that was generous with his time, advice, and expertise. That’s not a unique to me experience. Lew has helped so many better understand drinks and culture. 

He’s kind and intelligent with the kind of resume that can only come with being among the very best. He was managing editor of Whisky Advocate magazine for 20 years. He is the author of Tasting Whiskey, and Whiskey Master Class, and writes a column for Craft Spirits Magazine. 

His work has appeared in countless publications, including a long stint in All About Beer.  Bryson is a Kentucky Colonel, and a member of The Order of The Writ, an honorary association of the bourbon industry.  He lives in central Pennsylvania, which is the topic of his podcast, “Seen Through A Glass.” – a show you should tune into regularly. 

A few months back we were approached by Rich Colli of Varga Bar to do an event for Philly Beer Week. It was great fun, pouring and talking about whisky and beer. Before all that we sat down at Victory Brewing in Philly, to talk about writing, careers, home bars, and more. 

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