I am simply not making the mental and behaviorial transition from publishing a magazine to blogging. People keep telling me that it’s about frequency not depth, conversations and not exegesis. I guess I’m simply not that quick or spontaneous. My daughter likes to remind me that I’m not a chatter.  Furthermore, the past three weeks have been a blur of travel and events — Siebel, Legislative Conference, Craftbrewers Conference, World Beer Festival, a new All About Beer Magazine issue to press to name a few.

What I’m working on right now is a piece on the Craftbrewers Conference which could go up today. I’ve also got three pieces on the Siebel class which will be done this week. Finally, the latest World Beer Festival was somewhat special. 

Most of these will have to do with learning how to taste beer. However, I will confess to a loss of gumption with that project. I’m pretty frustrated at the extent to which I can distinguish and identify aromas and flavors. I hope it’s because I am too fussy and not either sensory dull or mentally lazy; or worse yet just old.  Did I mention I also celebrated a 59th birthday amidst all that travel?  Yech.