The Pink Tax refers to the practice of charging higher prices for goods and services marketed to women. Razors, for example, can be up to 66% more expensive for women than for men, despite being the same product. This practice is seen as a form of gender discrimination, as it disproportionately affects women and non-binary individuals.

To raise awareness about this issue, 7venth Sun Brewing has created a pair of seltzers called Pink Tax and Blue Tax, which are identical in flavor but differ only in color. The Blue Tax seltzer is priced higher than the Pink Tax seltzer, and 100% of the additional cost, as well as proceeds from both seltzers will be donated to the Pink Boots Society, an organization that aims to assist, inspire, and encourage women and non-binary individuals in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry.

When asked about the Pink Tax, Devon Kreps said, “When I discovered the existence of the pink tax, I felt both shock and a sense of familiarity, as if I always suspected but accepted it as my lot in life. It is genuinely a microcosm of my experience as a woman – not knowing, seeing, or being willing to accept the fact that I wasn’t truly equal. Awareness is crucial to bringing about change, and truth told, my own company was guilty of this practice: we passed on the cost of the pricier women’s shirts to our customers. Since then, we adjusted our pricing so that unisex and women’s shirts cost the same. I hope other businesses follow suit and that this helps questioning women understand it’s not in their heads – it’s real.

In 2022, women made 17% less on average; the wage gap has decreased, but barely. The Global Gender Gap Report notes it will take another 132 years to close the gap at this pace. And on top of that, we pay more for products?! We must do better.”

About the Beer (Seltzer)
One Pink. One Blue. Both provide the same powerhouse of flavor! Inspired by the “Pain Killer” cocktail, they are made with pineapple and orange puree, nutmeg, cream of coconut, and rum flavoring. Both get their color from all-natural ingredients: Pink Tax with Red Dragonfruit, and Blue Tax from Blue Spirulina. The seltzers will be available at both 7venth Sun locations (Tampa and Dunedin) on 2/10/23.

About 7venth Sun Brewery
7venth Sun Brewery is a woman-owned and operated business with two locations in Florida: one in downtown Dunedin and the other in Seminole Heights (Tampa). The owner, Devon Kreps, has a degree in Fermentation Science from Oregon State University and gained experience at Anheuser-Busch’s research pilot facility in St. Louis and as the Production Manager at Sweetwater Brewing during its expansion from 25,000 to 60,000 barrels. In January
2012, Devon opened the first 7venth Sun Brewery location in Dunedin, which features 10 taps and outdoor seating. This location is now treated as a pilot facility, focusing on producing Saisons, Belgian beers, Brett IPAs, Hazy IPAs, and “fun” lagers. The Tampa location, which opened in August 2017 in a former VFW roller skating rink, is a larger production plant with a tasting room and outdoor beer garden. The Tampa-based facility focuses on producing core
beers like Graffiti Orange Creamsicle Wheat, Headbanger IPA, Mangrove DIPA, and Control Freak Pale Ale, as well as fruited kettle sour beers and the barrel-aged beer program.