BTIlogo_genericThe Beer Lover’s Buying Guide, except for advertising, is produced by the Beverage Testing Institute, an independent full-time, professional review service.


All beers are reviewed in a professional tasting room designed to minimize external factors. Panelists taste “blind,” aware only of the category being reviewed. To avoid palate fatigue, a maximum of 35 beers are tasted over a three-hour session.


Some of the products reviewed are not yet imported or are available in small quantities. In other cases, they are available only at the brewpub. For help in tracking them down, there is no substitute for cultivating a relationship with a good beer retailer.

Tasting Notes

BTI’s highly structured tasting notes emphasize accurate descriptions as well as scores.

Interpreting the 100-point Scale

Consumers can translate the point score to the following quality bands:

Point Range Quality Band
96-100 points Platinum
90-95 points Gold
85-90 points Silver
80-84 points Bronze
Less than 80 Not Recommended
  • = Brewpub
  • ABV = Alcohol by volume
  • Date denotes the date on which the beer was tasted

Contact Information

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