5 gallons/19 liters

OG: 1046/11.4°P

Alcohol: 4.4% ABV

Color: pale amber

Bitterness: 22 IBU

Yeast: do I have to tell you everything?

All-Grain Recipe (calculated @ 75% efficiency)

3 pounds/ 1.4 kilos pilsener malt

2 pounds /0.9 kilos pale ale malt

2 pounds /0.9 kilos malted wheat

1.5 pounds /680 grams melanoidin

Mash should be a conventional infusion mash: 1 hour at 150° F/66° C. A mash-out by stepping up to 170° F/77° C with help keep the sparge flowing despite the wheat. A half-pound of rice hulls may be added at the end of mashing to aid with runoff.

Note: Mini-mash recipe can be made by using 1.5 pounds/680 grams each of pale and amber dry extract, and mashing the rest of the ingredients with a pound of pilsener malt and adding the drained wort to the extract.

Extract and Steeped Grain Recipe

3 pounds /1.4 kilos pale dry malt extract

1.5 pounds /680 grams amber dry malt extract

12 ounces/340 grams medium crystal malt


0.75 ounces/21 grams, 60 minutes, East Kent Golding., 4% AA

1 ounces /28 grams, 30 minutes, Saaz. 3.5% AA

1 ounces/28 grams, 5 minutes, Saaz, 3.5% AA