All About Beer Magazine - Volume 33, Issue 1
March 1, 2012 By
Cardinal Pale Ale

This ale from Nebraska Brewing pours a golden straw color with a lacing head. Floral hops and background malt in the nose. A nice medium-bodied beer that shows some caramelized malt and good bittering hops. The finish has more of the floral notes encountered in the aroma.

Cottonwood Endo IPA

The beer pours a slightly amber golden color with a healthy lacing head. There is an inviting floral hop aroma. A decent level of hop bitterness is present from the first sip. Good crisp finishing notes that have a citrus edge.

Full Sail Pale Ale

Pours a bright copper color with a decent head. Wispy floral aroma that morphs over time to more of a lime-citrus note. Balanced flavor. Very drinkable with a good level of citrus hops.

Fuller’s London Pride

This British import pours a golden orange color with a moderate head. The aroma has a subtle hop character when compared to most West Coast pale ales. The hops overcomes the malt during the first gulp. There is a clear hint of a British yeast strain in some of the fruity character of the finish.

Deschutes Hop Trip

This fresh hop pale ale is made using hops picked near Salem, OR, that are added to brew kettles in Bend less than four hours later. The result is beer with a crisp aroma and plenty of fresh citrus flavor notes. The slightly orange tone to the color of the beer is topped with a thick head. The beer finishes with grapefruit notes.

Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

Pours a slightly copper color with an off-white foam. There is an earthy floral aroma and the flavor follows suit. The jasmine is there and so is some roasted malt, topped off with a good level of hops.

Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA

The aroma from this one hits you as it is poured with plenty of pine and citrus. Great golden amber color with a head that fades to a minor presence after it is poured. A good level of hop bitterness throughout, with some tropical fruit notes in the finish. The 9 percent ABV comes through in the flavor.

Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale

A British-style pale ale that pours a glowing orange shade with a pronounced head. Lightly hopped aroma with some grassy notes. The flavor is smooth and inviting. The hops do not assault your tongue, but you can clearly pick out the floral and spice notes.

Rivertowne Old Wylies IPA

This America-style IPA from Pennsylvania pours a slightly hazy amber color with a slightly piney nose. The malt in this IPA is more forward than most, but the hops are there with floral and citrus notes in the palate.

Saranac Pale Ale

This ale pours with a light amber color and off white head that slowly dissipates. The aroma is malty with some background spice. The flavor is soft and round. Malt leads the way, with some citrus hop notes poking through in an overall smooth ale.