All About Beer Magazine - Volume 28, Issue 6
January 1, 2008 By

There is a deep-seated human instinct, most commonly found in the male of the species, fueling a powerful desire. It may not be as pronounced as those that cause us to hunt for food, shelter or a mate, but it is a yearning that can simmer for years until it is unleashed in a rush of wood, leather, metal, neon and glass.

The home bar can take many forms, from a shelf in a cupboard to a fine drinking emporium that would rip Norm from his corner stool at Cheers. It really comes down to available space, your personal taste and how much you want to spend. No matter how sophisticated you want to go, the major advantage of a home bar is that it is your private sanctuary. No jabber jaw yokels, unless you invite them. No loud music, unless you play it. No annoying distractions, unless you create them. You are the publican responsible for everything from the beer selection to the level of the lighting.

Part of the fun of having a home bar is outfitting it with an array of gadgets that will make your friends envious. Refrigeration, blenders, bar tools, décor, games—even the bar itself is an opportunity to make a statement. Let your instincts take over and start planning your bar.