Big Hairy Cherry Barley Wine

Yield: 5 gallons at 75% utilization Gravity: 1096 Alcohol by volume: 8.5 to 9.5% Color: Deep ruby Bitterness: 29 IBU

Flying Squirrel Red Ale

Yield: 5 gallons Gravity: 1053/13 degrees Plato Alcohol by volume: 5.5 percent Color: red-amber, 14 SRM (estimated) Bitterness: 32 IBU

The Amazing Shape-Shifting Beer

I have a conflicted view of beer styles. As historical artifacts, beer styles are endlessly fascinating to study. They generally

Saisoon Buffoon

Makes 5 gallons at 1060, 38 IBU 5 pounds European pilsner malt 2.5 pounds Munich malt 1 pound malted wheat

Polka Dot Pilsner

5 gallons @ 1048 (figured at 80 percent of lab/HWE extract) 45 IBU 9 pounds Czech or other European pilsner

Official Commemorative Beer

Lest you think I was going to leave you without a recipe, here’s the official commemorative beer of next year’s

Flanders Sour Brown Ale

Flanders Sour Brown Ale 5 gallons at 1057 (calculated at 77 percent mash efficiency) 3 pounds pilsner malt 6 pounds

Filling a 300-Year-Old Bottle

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring what was described to me as a “300 year-old beer bottle,” unearthed from

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