93 Amnesia Baltic Porter, Grumpy Troll Brewery (WI). 8.2% ABV (11/09) %{Brewpub}
Opaque brown black color. Aromas of molasses, prunes, dried apples, and dark roasted chestnuts follow through on a big, supple entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium-full body with crème brûlée, malt vinegar, and cocoa notes. Finishes with a long, chewy toffee, dried citrus, green peppercorn, and grassy hop fade. A tasty, powerhouse of Baltic Porter that hits all the high notes.

93 Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter, Browning’s Brewery (KY). 8% ABV (10/10) %{Brewpub}
Black brown color. Rich layered aromas and flavors of dried cherries, nutty toffee, and vanilla crème brûlée with a satiny, fruity medium-full body and a long, crisp and drying chocolate covered espresso bean, wafer cookie, and peppery spice finish. Paradoxically rich and lush, yet delicate and graceful in texture. A sessionable barrel aged beer? Pair with bleu cheese and nuts.

89 Baltika #6 Porter, Baltika Brewery (Russia). 7% ABV (11/08)
Muddy brown color. Bread yeast, riverbed, and fermenting overripe fig aroma. A round, brisk entry leads to an off-dry medium-to-full body with caramelized dated and fig, dark nut rye bread, and orange honey flavors. Finishes with a tart, fruit peel, mineral, nutskin, and cocoa fade.