Over the past few months on Beer Me! we have explored different parts of the Homebrewing world, including competitions. One aspect of competitions we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss is beer judging. Thankfully, Jen Blair joins the show this week to dive into that. 

Jen Blair is an Advance Cicerone, National BJCP Judge, and co-host of the beer and brewing podcast “False-Bottomed Girls“. Last week, she led a virtual breakout session for Crafted for Action, “Turning the Beer Judging Tables: Strategies for an Inclusive Judging Environment”  (Watch the sessions: HERE)

On the show, we discuss what that beer judging typically looks like and some of the barriers that exist. Jen takes us through suggestions on how to make the beer judging process more inclusive both from a planning perspective and in the moment. She also has built an extensive resource for those looking to pursue beer judging. 

Beer judging can be an incredibly fun, engaging experience. It is endlessly beneficial for palette and brewing development. But it can be intimidating. Hopefully today you are inspired to dive into the world of beer judging.