Over the past decade you’ve seen them in tasting rooms, those usually high ABV stouts that mimic your favorite treats from donuts to cake to cookies and more. This is the pastry stout.

So how are they made; what do brewers do to get those flavors infused into beers, and what is the pastry stout’s future? On this episode of the All About Beer podcast Em Sauter and Don Tse  talk to two breweries who are on the cutting edge of pastry and discuss all things dessert–the perfect episode right before Halloween!

Listen in as Lindsay Langton of Bottle Logic and Robert Olson of Bolero Snort talk about barrels, adjuncts, and making the most of boozy dark ale.


Lindsay Langton

Lindsay Langton is the Creative Director at Bottle Logic Brewing. A former Disneyland Resort Tour Guide, Lindsay developed a love for storytelling through hospitality and went on to open a series of restaurants, including California Adventure’s Carthay Circle, where she developed the Beer Education Program used throughout the Disney Parks. With a trusty team of fellow innovators, she now designs Bottle Logic’s barrel blends, brand portfolio, marketing strategies, and guest experience.

Robert Olson

After a few years of home brewing, Bob Olson started brewing beer commercially in 2013. After 6.5 years of gypsy/contract brewing at over 15 area facilities, Bolero Snort opened their own 16,000 SF production facility in the heart of the Meadowlands in 2019. As Northern NJ’s largest craft producer, they have expanded beyond their roots of boundary pushing, sugar laden suds – with a renewed focus on crafting high quality hop forward beers and lagers, they continue to hone their skills as one of the state’s premier sour brewers, most recently winning Silver at this year’s GABF for their core Jersey Vice, a tart session with raspberry and lime. 

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