91 Des Rocs Bruin, Brasserie Abbaye des Rocs (Belgium). 9% ABV (5/06)
Dark hazy copper color. Fresh lemon peel and toffee aromas with slight bit of pinesap-like hops. A vibrant, frothy entry leads to a fruity tart and tangy, full-bodied, caramelized malt palate with zesty citrus, coriander, salt and pepper flavors. Finishes with a wave of citrusy hops and treacle. Powerful and refined. Try with butter-sautéed fish.

87 Nostradamus, Brasserie Caracole (Belgium). 9.5% ABV (5/06)
Hazy dark copper color. Caramel, toasted nut and molasses aromas. A rich entry leads to a frothy medium-bodied palate with chewy sweet treacle, nut and earthy hops flavors. Finishes with a sweet nut fudge and chocolate citrus peels fade. Relies heavily on brewer’s sugar.

84 Belgian Brown, Bastone Brewery (MI). 7% ABV (4/06) %{Brewpub}
Mahogany with a tan head. Shy aromas of roasted nuts, sugared dried citrus and cream are slightly soapy. A sharp entry leads to a lightly sweet medium-bodied palate with candied citrus and honeyed roasted nuts flavors. Finishes with a dark roasted nut and sweet citrus fade that turns a bit bitter. A bit light and candied, but pleasant.