We’re headed into that time of year where people tend to reflect, take stock and then look forward. On this episode I wanted to catch up with the homebrewing sphere since it continues to drive and inspire a lot of what happens in professional beer. 

For this panel I’m honored to have three guests who have been making their beer for a long time, are active in their communities, and are constantly doing outreach and education to help everyone interested in the hobby. 

The Guests

Annie Johnson is a well-known research & development brewer with extensive experience in the food & beverage and consumer goods industries, and as a software development/IT specialist in state government.   Annie has been brewing for over 24 years, is a recognized National Beer Judge and Brewmaster. 

She most recently won the prestigious Glen Hay Falconer Foundation’s Scholarship for Engineering & Brewing to the American Brewers Guild and graduated November, 2020. She is on the American Homebrewers Association Governing Committee, is a PinkBoots Chapter coLead and on the board of the Harriett Baskerville Incubation Project. She makes her home in Seattle, WA and Sacramento, CA. 

Denny Conn and Drew Beechum are longtime homebrewers and noted personalities in the space. They are the co-authors of Simple Home Brewing and Experimental Homebrewing, which is also the name of the podcast they co-host. 

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