91 Triple Moine Ale, Brasserie Du Bocq (Belgium). 7.4% ABV (5/07)
Hazy bright golden color. Toasted nut bread, dried banana and citrus and delicate tarragon aromas. A rich entry leads to a dry, yet very fruity, full body of orange custard, delicate spices and anise cookies. Finishes with a long cream of wheat with orange honey and peppercorn fade. Delicious and a great choice at the table.

90 Demolition Strong Golden Ale, Goose Island Brewing Co. (IL) 2007. 6.2% ABV (5/07)
Pure golden amber color. Golden raisin toast and delicate orange marmalade aromas. A crisp, refreshing entry leads to a dryish, vibrant medium-full body of toasted light rye bread, clover honey and sea salt flake flavors. Finishes with a long savory fade of salted nuts, bitter orange marmalade and spicy toast. Excellent on its own and would be exceptional with artisanal cheeses.