What’s it like being an organic brewery in 2023? Harder than you might think, but getting a little better.

Sandy Boss Febbo of Minnesota’s Bang Brewery is the guest on this episode of the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast.

“I love hearing about breweries that are not trying to be everything to every one,” says host John Holl. “The ones that were founded with a sense of purpose and continue to stick with it. Headed into the Craft Brewers Conference in 2022 in Minneapolis, I heard about Bang Brewing, just over the river in St. Paul. It’s an all organic brewery, with a low profile, robust local following, and a strong sense of identity.”

Sandy Boss Febbo is the co-owner and co-brewer of Bang Brewing, with her husband Jay. The brewery opened in 2013 after the pair spent a fair amount of time homebrewing and honing recipes. A decade later the brewery is still committed to the original plan: to produce lagers and ale with only sustainably farmed, all-organic ingredients. 

The brewery is located in a custom built pre-fabricated grain bin that also houses the taproom. The grounds feature rain gardens, a prairie beer garden, and is dotted with the unwavering focus on environmental responsibility and sustainability. Sandy and Jay are founders of the Organic Brewers Alliance, members of the NRDC’s Brewers For Clean Water Campaign, Partner Member of the Artisan Grain Collaborative, and Patagonia Provisions Partner Brewer.

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