Successful collaborations are a hallmark of the brewing industry. There are countless examples of collaborations between breweries, brewers with restaurants, and even brewers with bands. The result of these collaborations is the beer, which is formed through many (MANY!) decisions that lead to the desired result (hopefully). 

As Beer Me Radio relishes in its “cheese era”, the newest episode builds on a few recent episodes surrounding cheese and beer.  Megan Vaughan, Founder/Owner of Vaughan Cheese in Chesapeake, MD recently joined the show to share about the process of beer-washed cheese (Listen HERE). She mentioned Vaughan Cheese recently worked with Joe Puttlitz, Founder/Owner of Greenspring Brewing Co. in Calvert County, MD to create a beer specifically for the cheese shop. The goal is to eventually make a beer-washed cheese specifically for the shop using this beer. 

Both Joe and Megan joined the show to share the finite details of the collaboration and what decisions Joe made during the brewing process to sculpt the perfect brew. 

Megan requested a beer that was low ABV, had little to no bitterness, and flavors that could pair with hundreds of varieties of cheeses. Joe took all of this into consideration and in the first sample, he presented, nailed it.  Megan explained “It felt like magic to me…I couldn’t think of anything to change”

In a way, it was magic….and science, and art. 

Joe explains the malt, yeast, and hop considerations. He talks through the decision process on how to treat the water, and how that would reflect on the final product. This episode allows the listener to take a step into the mind of the brewer. 

Another successful brewing collaboration on the books!