It’s a trip to the Ocean State and a conversation with Morgan Snyder, the head brewer and co-founder of Buttonwoods Brewery. From world-class small-batch lagers, to an expansion, and the wonder of saison, this episode of Drink Beer, Think Beer covers it all and more.

“A few weeks back I found myself in Rhode Island, specifically Providence,” says host John Holl. “It’s become a great beer city over the last few years, building upon the legacy of early entrants into the state’s craft scene. Buttonwoods, just south of the city, had been put on my radar earlier thanks to a really excellent mild I drank last year and a recommendation to visit in person from some Jersey guys I know.”

The outside of the brewery in Cranston is… not great. A torn up parking lot against a building that looks like it is barely holding together. Inside, however, is another story. The brewery taproom is a lovely, welcoming space, like being in a well thought out loft living room.

The beers are outstandingly good. Lagers, saisons, small beers all expertly crafted with great thought… and turned out on a three and a half barrel system.

Morgan Snyder is the brewer and co-founder and happened to be in the tasting room that afternoon. Over several rounds of pilsner and bottles of saison he shared the story of the brewery and that it would soon be leaving its original location in favor of one in Providence.

Snyder cut his teeth in beer distribution then as assistant brewer at the Bronx Brewery. Buttonwoods was founded in 2016, opened in 2017, and they have been brewing exceptional beers and gaining a local following ever since.

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