Stylistically Speaking


Once again, the fall seasonals have come and gone. Pumpkin and fresh hop ales, both of which fit the bill

India Pale Ale

The familiar tale of IPA is simple enough: Pale, hoppy beer is ingeniously invented by the Brits specifically to weather

Baltic and Imperial Porter

Porter in all its forms may be one of the more misunderstood and underappreciated of all beer styles. Common porter

Barley Wine

Our perception of extreme beers has changed immensely over the recent period of enlightenment. To many, the extreme has become

Munich Dunkel

Those of us “experienced” enough to remember the beer wasteland before the brewing Renaissance cut our teeth on rather pedestrian

Bière de Garde

We, as beer lovers, are constantly being introduced to the next great infatuation, permutation or trend as the brewing industry

Berliner Weisse

In recent years, there has been a particular fondness for brews with “extreme” qualities. Intense hoppiness, rugged roasted flavors, wild

Belgian Quadrupel and Strong Dark

The appreciation for Belgian beer and Belgium’s brewing culture has never been more keen than right now. One could even

Milk Stout

The lineup of beer styles available today is quite impressive, but the lines between them are often blurry. The difference

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