91 Extra Stout, Jopen (Holland). 5.5% ABV (1/09)
Dark brown color with a fine, foamy head. Lovely aromas of oil roasted nuts, chocolate fudge and clay follow through on a supple entry to a dry medium body with great depth and wonderful roasted espresso note. Finishes with a long, chocolate-covered espresso bean and charred nut fade. Powerfully delicious.

90 Kujukuri Ocean Beer Stout, Kankiku Meijyo Co. (Japan). 5% ABV (12/09)
Deep brown black color. Aromas of dark bread crust, butter baked sweet potato and cocoa follow through on a round, supple entry to a dryish medium-to-full body with roasted nut, marinated okra and dried fruit notes. Finishes with a lightly tangy, dried citrus, burnt toast and mild earthy hop fade. Very tasty and nicely balanced.

90 Dragoons Dry Irish Stout, Moylan’s Brewing Co. (CA). 5% ABV (1/11)
Deep brown color. Rich coffee, baker’s chocolate and roasted meat aromas with a crisp, dry medium body and grainy, dark roasted nut and dried apple finish. Very nice.

88 Black Angel Stout, Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works (IL). 6.7% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Black brown color. Rich roasted nut and creamy dark chocolate aromas with a crisp, dryish medium-to-full body and a rich dark roasted grain, raisin bread, hazelnut coffee, faint plastic wrap and earth finish.

87 O’Hara’s Irish Stout, Carlow Brewing Company (Ireland). 4.3% ABV (1/09)
Opaque brown black color with a foamy head. Cocoa, muddy barnyard haystack and mossy stone aromas follow through on a soft, brisk entry to a light-to-medium body with roasted nut and tangy dried orange peel notes. Finishes crisply with a cocoa and earth fade. A nice quaffer.

87 McGuire’s Irish Stout, McGuire’s Irish Pub & Brewery (FL). 4.5% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Brown color. Muted burnt nut and pear water aromas with a thin dry light body and a jumbled watery grain and coffee bean soaked finish.

87 Dry Irish Stout, Grumpy Troll Brewery (WI). 4.2% ABV (1/09) %{Brewpub}
Rich dark chocolate toffee, molasses and roasted root vegetable aromas follow through on a round entry to dry medium body with cocoa pudding and nutshell notes on the breezy finish.

86 Meantime London Stout, Meantime Brewing Company (England). 4.5% ABV (1/11)
Caramelized roasted nut, dried meat and peppercorn aromas with a dry medium body and a jicama, mineral and mocha-accented finish. A nice quaffer.

85 Stampede Stout, High Noon Saloon & Brewery (KS). 5.5% ABV (1/11) %{Brewpub}
Brown black color. Round and smooth with mild aromas and flavors of dried apple, mineral, cocoa and a grainy pumpernickel-accented finish. Nice.