Blanche de Noire

5 Gallons (19 Liters)

OG: 1065/16°P
20 IBUs
Mahogany, with a pale tan head
Belgian wheat strain such as Wyeast 3942 or White Labs WL400, or your favorite Belgian yeast

All-grain recipe calculated at 75% efficiency

All grain recipe:

3 pounds/1.4 kilos pale ale malt

3 pounds /1.4 kilosMelanoidin/dark Munich/aromatic (as long as it is at least 50° EBC/25°Lovibond)

1 pound/454 grams Instant oats

3 ounces/85 grams Carafa II (1000° EBC/500 °Lovibond)

1 pound/500 grams rice hulls (for help in lautering)

Extract + mini-mash grain recipe

3 pounds/1.4 kilos pale dry unhopped amber extract (or 3.5 lbs syrup)

3 pounds/1.4 kilos dry unhopped wheat extract (or 3.5 lbs syrup)

1 pound/454 grams pilsener malt

2 pounds/900 grams Melanoidin/dark Munich/aromatic (as long as it is at least 50° EBC/25°Lovibond) 10095/50clr

0.5 pound/226 grams Instant oats

4 ounces/113 grams Carafa II (1000° EBC/500 °Lovibond)

Mash all grains for an hour at 150°F (55°C), then drain, rinse with hot water and add to kettle. Proceed as with all-grain recipe.

Hops (calculated for pellets; use 20 percent more for whole hops)

0.6 ounce/17 grams, 60 minutes, Northern Brewer (7% AA)

0.5 ounce /14 grams 5 minutes, freshly ground coriander*

0.5 ounce /14 grams, 5 minutes, powdered licorice root (optional, but available at

Indian markets as jethimadh)

0.1 ounce /3 grams, 5 minutes, star anise

Mash should be simple infusion mash at 152°F/67°C for an hour; then raise to 170°F/77°C for mash out, then begin sparge. Ferment at 65–70°F/18–21°C.

*Source your coriander carefully. Much of it has a sharp, cilantro-like vegetal aroma. Indian and Chinese varieties usually brew well.