Every May 4, Star Wars fans emerge with full Force from their winter slumber.  Star Wars day celebrates not only the legendary Lucas films, but all things nerdy – from comic books to cosplay.  Nerd culture and beer culture overlap greatly because of their shared ethos of passion and finding friendship with fellow fanatics.

On this episode of the All About Beer Podcast, Don Tse and Em Sauter talk with four guests. 

Audra Gaiziunas of Brewed For Her Ledger and Jonathan Wakefield of J. Wakefield Brewing are beer industry veterans well known for their Star Wars fandom. 

Jeff Cioletti literally wrote the book on how nerd culture and drinks culture overlap, with his book Drink Like a Geek. 

And Don and Em, both enormous fans of The Simpsons, end the show with an interview with Bill Oakley, former writer and executive producer of The Simpsons.  Oakley wrote many episodes of The Simpsons and wrote the famous “Steamed Hams” segment.  Oakley has developed a beer that pairs perfectly with steamed hams.

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