The Secret Life of Yeast

To earlier generations of brewers, the microscopic beings responsible for fermentation typically arrived on the scene in the form of

South of the Beer Door

Throughout South America, a craft brewing industry is developing in virtually every country. Inspired by the U.S. craft beer scene,

The New Old World of Sour Beer

The growing number of entries to sour beer categories 
suggests that brewers are onto something new. 
But the techniques they’re

The Best Beers of 2010

In 2010, the Beverage Testing Institute/Tastings in Chicago evaluated almost 400 beers and ciders in nearly 80 style categories. For

Beer Compendia

500 Beers By Zak Avery Sellers Publishing, Hard cover, $16.95, 288 pp 1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

Froth! The Science of Beer

In spite of its very technical production and perceived alchemic mystery, beer should be lightly thought-provoking and imminently enjoyable. But

Behind the Scenes at the GABF

It’s a Saturday afternoon in October at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, on the final day of the Great

Bridging the Beer-Wine Gap

Thanks to taxes and regulations, Americans reflexively divide alcoholic drinks into three categories: beer, wine and liquor. But, if we

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