Beer in the European Union

If American readers are confused by the role of the European Union, they are not alone. Many of us who

The Magic of Lambic

The notion of brewing a “one-off” is not uncommon. But there is a whole family of styles, the lambics, that

Curiouser and Curiouser

The first thing one notices when surveying the vast landscape of beer is how much it is all the same.

101 Must-Taste Beers

If you love beer, this is a glorious time. Some of the best beer ever made is being made now,

Fruited Beers

Recall the time you were chatting up that stunner down at the pub? You’d just put that gleam in her

Today’s Lambic Brewers and Blenders

Belle-Vue Brewery Sint-Jans-Molenbeek & Brussels Production: 210,000 hectoliters Beers: Sèlection Lambic (old gueuze), Gueuze, Kriek, Kriek Primeur (first of new

In Search of Lambic

Horse blanket. Barnyard. Old Leather. Musty. Cheesy. Cidery. Fruity. Tart. Acidic. Lactic. Dry. Put them all together and you’ve found

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