Craft beer’s love affair with hoppy beers is lasts year round. So, it’s easy to forget that hops are an agricultural product.  Hops have a season.  And that season is now.  Each September, hops in America reach the peak of perfection and brewers across the land rub their hands together, not to smell the hops, but in anticipation of making fresh hop beers.  Nothing showcases the aroma and flavor of hops like a fresh hop beer and since these beers have a short shelf life, now is the time to rush out and drink them all.


Jeff Dailey is the Sensory Manager at John I Haas in Yakima, Washington. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jeff grew up along with the craft brewing industry. After a career in law and corporate insurance, Jeff switched industries attending graduate school at Washington State University to focus on sensory science. Jeff has been with John I Haas since 2019 and manages the trained sensory panels responsible for evaluating experimental hops from the Hop Breeding Company, innovative products from the research and development team, and every grower lot of hops during harvest. Since starting at HAAS, Jeff developed the Sensory Plus process for LUPOMAX hop blending, a new sensory lexicon and methods for detecting smoke-taint in hops, and methods for combining sensory and instrumental chemistry for characterizing and tracking the shelf life of hop-based products (and beer!).

Zach Turner is the co-founder of Single Hill Brewing in downtown Yakima, Washington. Single Hill focuses on a diverse array of hop-forward and drinkable beers made in the heart of Hop Country. Prior to opening Single Hill, Zach learned his trade while working as the Technical Solutions Director at Yakima Chief Hops and before that as Quality Manager at Odell Brewing.

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