Firestone-Walker’s Oaktoberfest

Firestone-Walker’s Oaktoberfest takes place in October at the Avila Beach Golf Resort (6450 Ana Bay Dr., AvilaBeachResort.com), a 45-minute drive

American Oktoberfest

Can you believe it’s been 202 years since the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen? While you

From Skull Cup to Pint Glass

A mug is more than just something to hold a cold brew. The iconic beer stein, for instance, was developed


Just out of the subway and trudging through freshly fallen snow, my sights were set on Radegast Hall and Biergarten

Munich Helles

No region is more known for its beer than Bavaria. With summery weissbier and pilsner, autumnal Märzen and bocks for

The Best Beers of 2010

In 2010, the Beverage Testing Institute/Tastings in Chicago evaluated almost 400 beers and ciders in nearly 80 style categories. For

Vienna Märzen

The classic amber to red lager that was originally brewed in Austria in the 19th century has come to be known as the Vienna style. These are reddish-amber with a very malty, toasted character and a hint of sweetness. This style of beer was adapted by the Munich brewers and in their hands has a noted malty sweetness and toasted flavor with a touch more richness. The use of the term “Märzen”, which is German for March, implies that the beer was brewed in March and lagered for many months. On a label, the words “fest Märzen” or “Oktoberfest” generally imply the Vienna style. Oktoberfest beers have become popular as September seasonal brews among U.S. craft brewers, though they are not always classic examples of the German or Austrian style.


In a distant bowling alley, I remember bowling with my grandfather while he enjoyed his beer of choice, a beer

Harvesting a Few Good Brews

The leaves start turning, the first few crisp mornings appear and football begins to dominate your weekend plans. Fall has

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